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Executive Protection

Executive Close Protection and Bodyguard Services
Specialized Protection Intelligence Executive Close Protection Services are available to any group, company or individual requiring enhanced protection. Close Protection is a core component that we regularly perform for clients including celebrities, executives, religious and political leaders, wealthy individuals and families. Weather you are attending conferences, functions, events, making a public appearance, or simply requiring increased protective services in response to a perceived or actual threat during a holiday, business trip, social engagement, or in your daily life.Specialized Protection Intelligence is here to serve you.

Our Executive Close Protection and Bodyguard Services Include:
Personal Bodyguards (fulltime or per hour/event)
Security Drivers
Escort Team (several bodyguards)
Security Risk Assesment (of your home, office, event, destination, etc.)
Fully Integrated VIP Protection Team (composed of all of the above)
Threat analysis on all proposed visit sites
Hospital analysis and reaction plan in case of a medical emergency


Executive Aide
We know corporate executives live extremely busy lifestyles. Your hectic schedule frequently involves travel, meetings, social events and dinners both at home and abroad, and while security is necessary we are aware of the image that you need to maintain.

For this reason Specialized Protection Intelligence offers our Executive Aide program. Executive Aides are Close Protection Professionals who present a professional image, and possess the security skills and experience to provide "non-intrusive services" for our executive clients, whose main concern is operating their business and maintaining the right image.


Dignitary and Diplomat Services
Our most experienced professionals run Specialized Protection Intelligence's Diplomatic and Dignitary Security team. Our protection agents have over 20 years experience. Our agents have over 500 hours of training and have participated in several hundred protection details and assignments that include high profile government officials, world leaders, royal families, diplomats and city mayors.

Once contracted, Specialized Protection Intelligence will work in conjunction with your office to ensure your safety and a successful visit in a professional and non-intrusive manner. Our Diplomatic and Dignitary Protection team will formulate a personal security plan with proper security control for all sites, a reaction plan for any emergencies that may arise, and will employ preventive measures to ensure your safety.

Specialized Protection Diplomatic and Dignitary Security can provide you:
24 hour support during your visit
24 hour highly trained protection agents
Secure Motorcade
Explosive ordnance detection and sweeps
Secure hotel and arrangement booking
Threat analysis on all proposed visit sites
Hospital analysis and reaction plan in case of a medical emergency

If you have any questions, have special requests or want to deploy our unit please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or click here to request more information








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