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Project Management and Advisory Consulting

SPI offers a variety of security project management services. Security is a complex field which requires extensive technical knowledge, planning, the most sophisticated principles and extensive operational experience.

All SPI projects are managed and implemented with a hands-on management approach, professionalism and confidentiality. Yes there is a cost of adding a management level to a security program for any given project, however the pay back period is relatively short when taking into account the factors of unforeseen security risk elements. Poorly designed programs, systems and technologies may make the low-cost vendor much more expensive in the long run and SPI has the ability to advise the client on how to make the right decision in every aspect of protection and security.

Assessment & Consulting
Accurately determining the amount of exposure and then developing the appropriate level of security requires an independent perspective, Specialized Protection Intelligence security consultants evaluate current measures, policies, procedures and conduct a risk analysis that identifies critical assets, vulnerabilities and will provide recommendations to reduce risks.

Risk Assessment & Analysis Reporting
Assessment is a crucial part of the Risk Management process. In order to avoid or mitigate risks it is first necessary to identify and understand them.

Specialized Protection Intelligence's team of highly skilled consultants will meet with your executive team to evaluate your concerns, perceived risk exposures and business practices. We will perform an objective Risk Assessment and will provide your company with a comprehensive report outlining your organizational strengths and identifying areas of vulnerability.

The report will contain our strategic and operational recommendations for immediate and long term risk mitigation, a best practice business safeguards outline, and a proposed management plan for implementation.

Complete Risk Management
Risk Management is the process of identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and controlling potential risks and is required to insure your company's success.

In today's fast paced world risk comes in many forms; natural disasters, economic uncertainty, project failures, legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents, fraud, and deliberate attacks are a few of the risks facing you on a daily basis.

Your company's success can depend on your ability to assess these threats and effectively manage the risks. Specialized Protection Intelligence has a team of risk management and mitigation experts that can help you avoid these dangers. We will conduct a thorough security audit and risk analysis that will assess threats to your business continuity by:

Assessing the vulnerability of critical assets.
Identifying and prioritizing threats.
Determining the risk threat levels and expected consequences of events or attacks.
Identifying ways to reduce unacceptable risks.
Prioritizing risk reduction measures based on strategy.
Creating a Risk Management Plan

Specialized Protection Intelligence will evaluate all aspects of your business including:

Physical Security Safeguards
Personnel Security Procedures
Information and Network Security Practices
Business Systems
Basic Intellectual Property Protection
Financial Transaction Methodology and Accounting Procedures

For more information on how we can be of service to you, please call us at 506.2289.7554.

Security Advisory & Consulting
Creating awareness and educating employees, staff and family about security risks, policies and procedures is a critical security element that is often ignored. Specialized Protection Intelligence will work with you to create a custom program that covers your specific threats and vulnerabilities, and puts in place plans and procedures to improve safety and security. This program is conducted at your facility or home.






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