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Specialized Protection Intelligence understands the anxiety and frustration that comes with trying to make travel plans for a trip, vacation, or on a daily basis, such as transporting your children to and from school; especially when security or safety issues may be involved.

Our Executive Protection team will assist you in preparing these arrangements. Our goal is to make traveling as safe & secure as possible, while keeping your comfort and tight schedule in mind.


Travel Protection Management
Specialized Protection Intelligence will work closely with you and will review your planned schedule; patrol the sites on the itinerary and assess the risks at each location and or route. We will ensure a flowing, time saving visit all while providing safety and peace of mind day and night. Our professionals will coordinate and supervise transportation and logistic services and will provide solutions to any unexpected situation, 24/7.

Specialized Protection Services can provide top of the line vehicles for your comfort, or our agents can accompany or drive you in your personal vehicle.  We will also coordinate air travel via helicopter or commercial or charter plane depending on your needs and preferences

Additionally, SPI can draw upon a coalition of partners in the delivery of secure and armored transportation, when and if required.

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